Seeking Own Adoption

It sounds weird and also bad
That, finally I want to be adopted!
All activities ended and I early retired
Little by little, becoming impaired!

They had no medicine to cure infection
So they made money to do the amputation!
They convinced saying, it would be fine
Prosthetic leg is heavy and painful is mine!

Early deaths come if early retire
It ceases, dismisses life and air!
Daily, I face obstacles as challenge
Getting harder to get up to arrange!

I want to be adopted in this age
It sounds funny and also outrage!
No other option left for me
Too much phobia and anxiety!

Some robbed me left and right
it's OK for Bangladesh's eyesight!
I don't believe in their rotten ethics
A corrupted nation with injustice!

They want to make money of me
I despise their system, ill mentality!
Kill each other and practice same religion
I need adoption to be safe from corruption! `

Please try and find a way to adopt me
I promise I will give you by month money!
I need someone to pass me food, water
Restricted life and needing a helper!

by Chan Mongol

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