Seeking Time - Gencay & Bkaraer

Poem By Gencay

MY TO NİGHT.................. GENCAY

- - - - - - - - - -
Those who read this common poem in the future should be known.
We're already your past
We've just become a sleeping mind

Like talismanic words..
Your past, your future
Read minds and nights.. Read

The age and from the past nights you stayed
We're nights that don't live the future
Blinded by angry needles,
We're a field bird forced to sing

The best of the best
Old and New
To wake minds and nights
We're here to steal time together

Maybe the future time is in the opposite direction
The past is so hard
Like a field bird, our eyes sing on a blind night
Before the past becomes entangled in the future
Nothing like stealing time together.

The futures of you futures
You didn't find our bodies cheerful
In fact, we're too dead.
Our sleeping minds waited to awaken
The minds of those of us who leave are always awake

Xu Lizhi.
On the timeship of the past and future
All together
we stole time together.

Our bodies will be in deep sleep in the future.
Our universal consciousness
To awaken us
He'll always be waiting for you

Extended times,
Extended nights,
Extended sleep-in insomnia
Time and consciousness sing like a field bird

It's like being afraid to be afraid
Extended times
Your body doesn't want to die young like Xu Lizhi
Xu Lizhi's body is under the ground
His mind is above ground
Extended nights

Those who read this common poem in the future should be known.
We're already your past
We're just a sleeping mind.

It's like being afraid of being afraid.
Your eyelids resist sleep and death.
He will endure the existence of absence, O The Future

It plays music from the past to the future.
I don't have youth, you have old age
I'll steal time together.

Old times are a wise and long night.
Extended times,
In our endless nights,
The music within us is universal
Until you said
We're like stars
We can't see during the day
The night multiplies like the stars,
My night multiplies and becomes infinite.

Atoms of the past
Hand in hand with the atoms of the future
Tell me about endless nights
I'll tell you the traces of the past
An ancient past an ancient night
It's best if we steal time together

Young and old together
Forever and after
Borrows time from death

I also
I at you
I'll fall in front of you like a stray cat at night
Can I tell you about my 22180 night? ?
My nights are like sea foam on the rocks.
It's best to steal time together

I know the old man's young.
You know the young man's old man.
My past is your future
Your future is my future
This music will never end.

Like a night Alley Cat,
I know old songs
You new ones…
Let's unite in each other's music
And in the night of extended music

The moment my field bird shut up
Go on with the music.
When your nights grow old with you
It's not how many years and how many nights you live
You'll tell me what you've been through.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ask me about the past..
It's like a blizzard trying to get in when you open the door.
I'm not a doorbell..
Everyone's life in an unwritten diary or update

What's left in your mind and you with your notebook
History they don't,
These moments and now
by trying to do what you can't
Future or tomorrow
It's a horizontal fall on the ass of things you can never do

It's not a rainbow running in your eyes
What if you're burned by Pepper?
Do you think the future will not come?
Charades and Charlo
Our radio world..
Women in Gramophone who dance nonstop Where Are you
Or summer cinemas,
It's like a blizzard trying to get in when you open the door..

What adventures await Red kit and his horse
I was born in the House..
Serkisoff desk clock
Dad's weasel cigarette
Records and books
My school memories
1978 youth movements
When I open the door, the one who tries to get in
Snowflakes and memories

As a fantastic lover of the future
With it you breathe and relax
Hope you invest tomorrow.

Your past is legally married to you
The best possibility is to grow old sweetly along with the past
Worst probability
Divorce from him courts rights and law
A lot of printed forms. the past will never love to be deceived and betrayed.

Sunshine in eight minutes
The time he came into the world has actually passed.
We are also past for the future
Que sera sera

The best man is the dead man
The reason no one gives you flaws
Including you enough to say
No one will live long.
The most glorious man and the poorest man
In the future, we'll all be dead anyway.

The future will never be free
You paid good and bad prices.
Being created with slime bone used to be
Of the escalator
It used to be that he dispersed himself.
With the heartlessness of a bouquet of roses
It used to mean close the door to the madman.
Blood sobering with raki
He used to shoot the walls.
And remember our friends and burn
It used to be a longing

No one ever refuses
I can be like a noble Violet in the future
Late at night
My moment of eating toast and eggs
Tomorrow and far tomorrow
If it's a property I'll never have
I'll just be a drunk today.
You wanted to buy something from the past.
No matter how much wealth you have
You can never buy the past
The future may well be in the baby stolen by a thief
- - - - - - - -
May 12,2020


Those who read this common poem in the future should be known.
We're already your past
We're just a sleeping mind.

Ipince, veins and ligaments
We put the body to sleep
But he worked again
Even if we go to sleep
Tiredness is not our water.

No peace at night or day
The story of the world has infiltrated minds
Keep writhing in your bed, you can't sleep
To uyusand
Water not fatigue.

Living is a job
Work ha work
But here
It happens when you quit
Both from work and from life
As Xu,
Even if we go to sleep
Tiredness is not our water.

We read the future, we think
Reading the past, thinking
As you read, our moment has passed
As we read, yours is the moment that never came.

What has happened all this time
Perhaps what is believed to have happened
We're two Invisible, Man, you and me.
We're the opposite of our times.

If the world doesn't disappear, maybe
You can see us in pictures and poems
But we don't have that chance
Because even if the world exists, we will disappear.

The Cuckoo Birds in the morning and in the evening
Cool frosty hours of village balconies
Looking at the bosom of the mountains in front of me
He'd sing, he'd sing in my brain.

I don't know what drove us.
From stardust to the dust of my village,
What kind of wind blew us away?
And what wind will blow again?

Who knows what it is, why
Here, my friend, we are dust
From Universe to Universe, nonstop
The one that will be thrown away.

The future is a man called the past
Maybe when puzze is done
No pictures will come out
Only matter, gas, energy and atoms.


Those who read this common poem in the future should be known.
We're already your past
We're just a sleeping mind.

Not smoking harms health
A person's soul is stuck, a poet is a difficult writer
If he's a painter, he can't draw, he can't write.
Thinking, not thinking, mental health.

At least people like us are.
I've lived 8280 nights in this world
I woke up most nights to life
And I walked to myself, to my consciousness.

The last stop of my consciousness
Now that the birds are flying over you
The trees are swaying
It's in the cemetery where I exist.

In fact, a person walks into existence
Walks into childhood
Walks into the past
A person walks to himself, to his essence.

Tell my it worth mentioning
I don't have much of a story, my friend.,
I'm your past
You're my future, that's all.

"We are the well of bottomlessness."


To my night

The future is called the future
Where's the future?
I don't know at the end or at the beginning, but
My future is in the past.

Now I'm growing into my past and my future
Life, when I dance with my life
I'm stealing time.

It's a long night my past
Equipped with stars
You're at the spring, my friend.
And I am at the beginning of the road to the spring.

You drank the fountain of life and knocked it over
And I'm walking to the spring
I have a future to drink
You have a past like a spring.

My lips are an eternal and eternal desert
All the kisses that exist
All the lips that exist
It's a drought that can't begin.

Rivers are drawn to oceans
He has made vows that are not in religions
My enthusiasm is only for you
My vitality is for you, only for you.

This life is like a wind
Sometimes hard, sometimes spacious
He throws our moments away
This life is like a wind.

My dark-haired, black-eyed night
Up now
My night is Star-Star-silvery
Like a twinkling baby.

Silence and a strange facial expression
Like all of us when we just woke up
- When I wake from eternal sleep
Marveling at the world.-

And trying to understand it
This cold and complicated life
Deaths and births
That's it, my night..

Giant of Giants O Eternal Night
Give me your darkness and sleep!
That world, No, that universe
I want to sleep like your color.

You, mother of the universe, Bride of light
You are the cradle of being, compassionate
Who slept in your bosom
Universes, dead and never born..

Planets like sleepy heads
Their heads are spinning from insomnia
There are wars, chaos in them
They'll finally lie in your bosom.

And peace will seep into them like light
His peace in the darkness is like a pillow
They'll put it on their heads and sleep
The fatigue will gradually ease.

My lips, my body are only yours
My soul, my heart, is only yours
You're my bed, you're my peace
I'm yours, you're mine.

O My Eternal Night
I don't give a face to finite love
My eye sees
I repent to anyone but you..

Always yours

- - - - - - -
12May 2020

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