Seeking To Evaluate Life

Seeking to evaluate life,
Through brown eyes...
Blue eyes.
Hazel or green.
Doesn't mean a thing.
When we're all human beings.

Seeking to know what is right,
For those yellow, black or white.
Doesn't mean a thing,
When everyone feels a pinch that stings.

No one can live,
Without air to breathe.
Water is needed to survive.
Even the trees and grass that grows,
Doesn't take debating it to decide...
What God does better to do.
For whom and who to choose.
What it is that God does.
And for me and you.
Whether your eyes are brown.
Whether your eyes are blue.
Whether your skin black.
Or a mixture of different hues.
Seeking to evaluate life.
To isolate the faces of races.
Doesn't change any days to nights.
Or have the moon at noon,
Rises like the Sun does to brighten the sky.
Whether your eyes are blue.
Skin colorless without hint of a hue.
No one lives to do this,
Without The Creator...
Deciding and to choose,
Who and what inhabits the Earth.
To have not consulted either me or you.
Or anyone else.
Seeking to evaluate life,
With it to perceive...
They were chosen and picked exclusively,
To depict themselves...
Done to do to inflict upon others,
Their conflicts or insecurities.
With this to believe and perceive,
Their actions depict and identify...
The wishes of God.
The same God we all call,
'Our Father which resides in Heaven'.
To expect our Earthbound ignorance,
Permission to continue to exist.
With a kept and limited evaluation.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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