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Seeking You..
(12.9..1972 / Trivandrum, Kerala, India)

Seeking You..


Where were you so long, for a copious period
My sweet, bewitching, voluptuous moon?
Were you hiding among the clouds in the blue skies,
Or in the terraces of the castles in the air?
Where were you all these time?
Away from your beloved for such a long time?

Were you sleeping and dreaming in some vales;
My loving swan, with your coquetry and bashfulness?
Swimming in the jade ponds of eternal love..
So long….so far away from my presence?
You the fragrance of the Midnight Queen
Whose inlets are kissed by the rays of the Full moon?
Where did you go to bewitch a butterfly
And make it tipsy with your love potions?

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Rudyard Kipling


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