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Seeking Your Heart's Desire

The many windows looked
Out on dense, wet coastal flora
Special comforting beauty surrounding
Our meeting of perhaps thirty people

The room was suffused with an
Understanding of the mission:
To live a healed life, away
From destruction's addictions

I could feel the love from those
Who had been on the mission for a while
They knew love and gave it away
To all of us, past and current abusers

Scan the faces. You see God's healing;
Visible too the torment of self inflicted hell.
Next to me, three men known earlier-all
Amazingly emanating a healing glow-wonders!

The new ones, the ones who fell back
On old ways-twisted sad faces
Desperately trying to cut through the fogs
Of regret and remorse to join serenity's ways

I sense that this is really about something deeper
Perhaps in our addictions we looked at life through
Distorted lenses. Our views were aberrant:
We saw the wrong things.

We thought we saw acceptance, happiness and peace
In places they couldn't be found. We tried
Even harder and we couldn't find these things
Addictions made us sick. Some died.

But here in these rooms the lenses were corrected.
We saw that what we wanted all along couldn't be
Obtained through ingestion. With our newly corrected
Vision, we set a new course

With clarity, we saw the right path. It entailed
Co-creation with Spirit and the message that we
Must grow in giving love, forgiveness, tolerance, humility.
Grow and give, and we receive our heart's desire.

I realize some of the divine subtlety in all of this
The lens is corrected by what it is trying to see
Perhaps this is where our initial act of faith sets in:
God's grace corrects the lens to send us on our way

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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I love it Ray! You are obviously doing great. Wonderful poem. :) sincerely, Mary