Seems Like Yesterday

Time come back
Where have you gone
Such short of time
In a span so long

I remember vividly
Like it was yesterday
When I was a little girl
Outside at play

My brother and I
Would get up before dawn
Without waking mom
Put our play clothes on

We would make sure
We would put dirty ones on
From the day before
Trying to please mom

We would be at play
When mom would wake
Making mud pies
Taking time to bake

We would ride our bikes
It seems all day
Not a care in the world
As we would play

In the fields of hay
We would run up
Rolling to the bottom
In the evening sun

The train sounds echo
I do recall
I hear in the distance
That roaring song

Night would come
Oh, so quick
Where did the day go
As time would tick

Before we ended the day
The lightening bugs would light
As we ran with our jars
In the dark of night

Mom would call
Kids it's time to come in
You got to get your baths
Don't make me yell again

Thirty years ago
Seems like yesterday
Memories I cherish
My brother and I at play

by Lagaya Evans

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Sounds familiar... did you grow up in Oklahoma? dan