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Calsey Wauters
July 16,2010 - age 13

When will I be seen,
seen by the people of my world?
I do not know,
and I never shall.
Will I ever be seen? Ever be heard?
I hope so, it is what I have longed for.
I do not know why I cannot be seen.
What do you mean?
You know why I cannot be seen?
No, it is untrue.
I am not in a shell,
not in a shell like a turtle.
Why cannot I be seen?
Am I invisible?
I am not invisible,
not invisible like a ghost.
Why cannot I be heard?
Am I quiet?
I am not quiet,
not quiet like a mouse.
When shall I be heard, be held, be seen?
I do not know.
But, if people say I am in a shell, I am invisible, I am quiet..
perhaps I will rid myself of that shell, become visible, speak loud.
And just perhaps....
I will be seen.

by Calsey Wauters

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