Seen More In One Week

For someone who claims to enjoy his privacy,
He has been seen more in one week...
Than all of his elected time in office.
Eight deceiving years,
Of his frequent non-appearances.

Harboring his messages of darkness.
And how a new administration...
Is seeking to make a strengthened nation,
Appear not strong,
But decisively weak.

And like sheep they listen.
To such torture laden speeches.
With no explanation given...
How it was to come to pass,
Under his leadership allowed trashed.
A dictator like Darth Vader...
Was discovered hiding in a hole.
And the architect of terrorism,
Periodically released filmed videos!

Still free!
And probably producing a documentary!

With no mention of an economy...
That has created much suffering.
As if this agony to him has pleased!
And not one dime from his pocket...
Is thrown to the 'urbanites' crawling,
On their knees!

His looks could kill.
They are not of the empathetic kind.
Nor have they ever expressed goodwill!

'Take the camera off the smirk,
Of that jerk! '

But he has been a 'respected' Vice-President.

'And I am the magnificent Wizard of Oz.
Which over glorified deception do you prefer? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

hey I like your reference to Darth Vader and Wizard of OZ.....these references add colour to the bitter theme you are expressing..I mean I dont I refer to hollywood icons too at times, when wrting...nice write sir... yeah as leslie lets pray and hope..10++++++
politics corrupt - all we can do is pray for our leaders! ! !