Seeped In Treason

Overdosed and roasted,
By those who shed skin
Much like liars and snakes...
Who both have that in common!
And sincerety that disguises,
Hiding those rising from pews or pulpits!
With clipped wings and tilted halos.
And they ask for more visable patrol...
By police to protect and monitor their souls.
When they have lost control of lives...
To live uncivilized like moles in holes.
With a superficial hold on the 'Word'!
Using darkness to invent more lies told!
Lifted from reinterpretations of scriptures sold.
To advance their reasons to 'prey'.
And they believe this doesn't show...
Or validate an acceptance that has grown too old,
To deny its origins did not begin from their lips or pens...
Used to advance ignorance seeped in treason!
And delivered to enforce...
So they can divorce themselves
From any involvement for solutions to solve
Generated by themselves...of course!
Once it has been shown,
These acts come to knock at their own front doors!
To lay at their feet.
Where the scent of scandal,
Has been traced and followed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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