I am a Christian yet so full of hate
That I resort to violence rather than desegregate
Is it so bad that I can not endure
The children will mimic us of that you can be sure.

What is it I'm afraid of so very much
Will the color of my skin change; if they touch?
Ah; if my love had so much resolve
The real problems of this world; I could help solve.

Where is my faith in times like these
Is what I do; to it will please?
He was a Jew but could have been another
So full of love He was also our brother.

The children were given to you not as an act of fate
But to love and to teach and get rid of the fear and hate
If I teach my child to hate another because of their race
Will they know Him just by the color of His face?

Can a whole race of people be so evil and bad
That my love turns to violence and my soul is sad
Have I not learned from things of the past
It is not hate and violence but love that will last.

by AHO Speaks

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