Seldom Absent

My eyes have never been set on a race to chase.
Or have I awakened,
From dreams to see myself in first place.
Experiences have left me with a lot of patience.

Too long I have spent in correcting mistakes.
And overcoming heartbreaks that showed on my face,
Were not 'then' or now priorities with me.
Experiences have left me with a lot of patience.

My faith and belief I could get up off my knees,
Has been more mentally challenging...
To witness the doing of it AND achieving happiness,
Than someone believing they could leave my ego wounded.

Experiences I have obtained I do not have to reminisce,
Not with blessings I have received to be grateful to get.
To leave me with a lot of patience to recognize what it is I value,
Over the presence of nonsense presented by foolish pettiness.

There is nothing like arriving to accept a clarity no one can deceive.
Since it seems there are certain lessons taught to teach,
That come to bestow experiences learned to comprehend immediately.
Needing never to be repeated in a mind seldom absent that stays fresh.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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