Seldom Did Not Often Come

Seldom did not often come.
For some to notice or mention it.
Like it has in these fast speeding days.
When seldom it seems...
Less is a need,
For something scheduled for another to do.
Yesterday more often.
And done to appreciate,
Without listening to hear a created excuse.
Many are the people.
Awaiting belated promises made.
Promises attached to alibis lied.
That quickly vanish away.
From that need or that want,
To find it necessary...
Anticipating a doing done.
To know an expectation,
Should not remain on a wish list.
With this to prioritize.

Those days to remember,
Are those to have long said 'goodbye'.
To increasingly disappoint,
A reminiscing done to waste.
On what had been seldom,
One's thought to chase away.
And not often that noticeable,
Back in slower more respectful caring days.
To make known how fast,
And much too quick...
The passing of time goes.
Taking respect and sincerity to give,
With it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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