Selected To Be Unfortunate

With a feasting that had to cease,
Those addicted to this most...
Still will not concede,
The reason why their jobs were outsourced...
Had more to do with their increasing greed.
And policies unionized to keep them high paid,
While also maintaining entitlements...
To ensure their lazy ways.

People want jobs but don't want to work.
They want to know what the incentives are first.
Two weeks with pay vacation.
Bonuses and raises based upon attendance,
And not common sense or competence.
With free medical insurance that provides for sick days.
Not caring whoever employes them,
Has a product to market and a service kept wanted...
IF in the game that employer wishes to stay and play.

Selfishness is not in the mix,
For those affixed to entitlements.
And the cupboards grow bare for those who left them there.
Those who refused others a right to share,
With an eliminating of their rights to opportunities.
Should not expect those selected to be unfortunate,
To empathize with them or express they care.
Since disparaties and misdeeds of deceit...
Has always been a motivation greedy people keep.

'There you go bringing up racism, again! '

Not once did I mention color or race.
Has your consciousness come face to face with it?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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