The Pawn

Lost in the depth of twilight
Where dreams become my only light;
Shuddering truths shadow the world
With cruel claws and jaws that hold
My fragile little hand and inflict pain,
And my evasion runs in boundless vain.

Those nightly hues are my only hope
Since I dream upon the tautest rope:
And if I fall the great fall,
That deep abyss is all I will recall.
Oh, my feet tread a path, not of rose,
But send me in with some ambrotos.

The setting sun decides the end
Of a day that can never rewind,
Yet a shimmering light from those stars
Fades the screaming pain from my scars –
Smitten and bitten by the cruel beasts
That devoured my bliss as feasts.

Frozen in the chill of darker night,
Soothing my pain, agony and plight,
Here I lie, far, far from the dreadful place,
Far away from everything I’ve to face
With a broken smile to be in the game,
But every day brings the same.

Let me lie here, for a while
For I have to run many a mile -
Among the beasts and trapping plants
In a jungle where sun’s ray barely slants;
To run with the feeble hope of
Finding some brook or creek, unlike a toff;
And let me lie here, waiting for the dawn,
With dreams of being more than a pawn.

by Raaghavi SudhaGenga

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