RJB (February 11,1937 / Worcester Massachusetts)

Selected Wedding Thoughts For Robbie And Avra - May 17,2014

Some would have the whole world wed,
Others would view that thought with dread.
It seems in fact that some will wed,
While others will wait, and wait and see,
Just what will become of you and me?
If into eternity, we should, unwed pass
Would we then confront a vast morass?

The answer perhaps must a mystery remain,
For today, indeed, that thought was slain.
For Robbie and Avra have signed on to live
As husband and wife, each other to give
Their trust and their love as through life they move;
May the Light from Above make their pathway smooth.

When the sun upon this day has set
May Avra and Robbie not forget
The source of all love is outside ourselves;
For we cannot give what we don't possess,
So be not afraid of our need to confess
That we depend for our love on the Source Above
To replenish our hearts with goodness and grace
If we would one day find welcome in a heavenly place.
May God bless your efforts, past and present,
May God grant you a future, auspicious and pleasant!

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