This life is rough
Learn to praise God
He guides us to the path of enlightenment
He makes the path smooth
Whatever you see here or there
It's rough
Relations are rough
They need to be tough
Someone once said
Future tests a relation
Whether good or not
Once I read
Learn to thank God
For everything he gave us,
For everything he did not gave us
And for everything he took back after giving us
As it is his kindness that he gave us
And it is in our good for him not giving us some
And it is our test when he takes back from us
Learn to be happy with what you have
Human is a weird race
He never learns to stop
He need not stop
For the world is always moving
And we will be crushed if we cease
But does this means to crush others
For life is a see saw
A moment you are high and
The other you are low
Learn to move not to run
Life is always there for you
Not you are there for life
It's a bit weird
As today people are used and things loved
Instead of things to be used and people loved
Friendship is a diamond
A polished one lasts long
Never in your life hurt one by heart
For words are arrows that can't be taken back
A shot on the heart takes years to heal
Mother and Father are next to God
Never hurt them
Whatever they think is for your good
You might realize it now
But later it will be clear

by Shivam Sabharwal

Comments (20)

Ah, the dreams of an aging poet; but at least she thumbed over your poems as am I; the world is full of poets ever since we had recorded language; thanks to the Mercian's whose teutonic tongue became the scaffold for the English language. You at least, are a good poet, and should displace that idiot Robert Frost over whom so many Americans dote. Nothing personal Robert, you're just not a very good poet like this guy.
vivid scenario wherein you can imagine yourself seeing that reader personally... Fantastic piece! ! ! !
lovely poem and I identify myself completely with it...Thanks for sharing.
hha, if someone gave me a book for free, i would be very happy.
Simply beautiful! Sad plight of a poet! Poor monetary rewards for artists! Still they create, they inspire!
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