Selective Memories

Those who believe they have feelings felt,
That should be given more of a priority
Over other human beings.
While they believe it is okay,
To do unto others as they please
As if blessed with the getting,
Of an attention?

When I was raise,
The phrase that still applies
And has not faded away,
Do Unto Others As You Expect Them,
To Do Unto You~
Needs not to be updated,
To be re-clarified with an interpretation.
It seems to have a snug fit.
No matter what the language.

Some folks in the process of their doing,
Seem to have selective memories
When it comes to their intentional,
Misdeeds done.

And others in their forgiving,
Aren't so blessed to be possessed
With a forgetting.
They do not have that
As a selective choice from which to choose,
To erase from vivid memories.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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