Selective Realities

No one believes...
The blood they bleed these days
Is of treason crazed,
Diced with sacrificed lives for lifestyles
Long gone, outdated, forgottened.
Instigating but a few,
Stewing pain.

A few who could care less who's name
A louder call
For more appalling
Patriot games.

No one believes...
Peacekeepers come
Bearing a quick peace up their sleeves.
Or a Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton debate
About the relevance of political correctness,
On crime infested streets.
Are they competing amongst themselves?
In a practice of 'ghetto is good'
But not in my surburban neighborhood!
And nothing what is 'fed' feeds the 'hood'.

They are caricatures of a capsuled time...
In minds of those reliving 'selective realities'.

And no believes,
What is spoken convinces the one speaking!
Since the delivery is done with stature...
But the dignity of it lacks sincerety that's pure!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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