Selective Statistics

No one should expect
Those living in denial to accept
A foundation of truth to pursue reality.
It will not happen!
Beliefs maintained and sustained...
Keeps traditions medicated,
With just the right dose of sanity.
Allowing a life much more bearable
To share with others who are just as narrow minded,
And easier to identify...
With selective statistics that support
Their reasons to exist with a false sense of purpose.
No matter how shallow the routine and commitment
To focus on activities that are clearly out of touch,
And smothering.
Although they are in constant search and development...
To find something that validates
An ignorance fostered upon generation after generation
And declared antiques and treasures...
Even though nothing is more worthless than a waste of time,
Collected to boost a much exaggerated history.
Mainly nurtured in isolation and encouraged to flourish,
Above and beyond anything discovered on Earth.
And that takes a lot of devoted promotion!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

You sound upset Lawrence about those living in denial. Maybe they don't know they are. Very harsh words, but you are allowed your feelings. Excellent write. Take care.