Selective Thoughts

The convenience,
Of processing selective thoughts.
Especially those not to remember,
When in conversation shared with others.
And depending on the importance,
Of who brings what up...
That once had significance.
Involving facts and the truth of them.

The convenience,
Of not to claim being present.
When initiating an argument to start.
Although pro active in accusing,
Someone else to be the culprit...
Of doing something they did not do.
Or aware they had been used.
To be depicted with evil intentions.

The convenience,
Of attempting selective thoughts to pick.
When eventually questioned,
If one had claimed to have no involvement...
In what had occurred in the past,
Why have others...
Who were told not to volunteer,
What had been said to them to forget...
When asked.
But had forgotten a promised made,
Not to remember it.

"Your denials? ?
Very dramatic.
We have evidence from several people,
Who have shown us...
Your hand written notes.
Telling them to be quiet,
About your intentions.
With dates, the time, when and where."


Those sounds you're making.
How about... ouch!
With an e-i-e-i-ooohhh damn."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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