Self Absorbed And Self Obsessed

What is it that it helps to feed,
When an overdosed ego...
Repeatedly shows but doesn't know,
On others it drips unnoticed blood to bleed?

It is with time an awareness should come.
When a life lived to experience,
An opening of eyes wider...
To free from one's tunneled vision done.

Some do, some wont and some just don't,
Accept to affect a life to live...
That can be more effective.
With others expressed as their main objective.

Listen intently,
To those self absorbed and self obsessed.
Listen to their comments made,
And that which is the focus of their 'selected' interest.

Listen with a wish to desire conversation.
With the importance of it to value,
When in exchange of it.
Then do not wonder why the exchange is limited.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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