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Self Abuse
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Self Abuse

Poem By AHO Speaks

For a few brief moments of time
I can damage my soul and lose what is only mine.

To be lonely and depressed and from myself to flee
How foolish to run toward what will destroy me.

The drugs are not enough so you search for more
Experimentation in secret behind a closed door.

God did not desert you but waits to hear
If anyone loves you in this world; it is the God of love and not fear.

Go and eat your favorite ice cream today for your high
To take anything that removes yourself control is a lie.

You went astray before talking to the first
Now an excuse and you think you can satisfy your thirst.

Just as the sun comes up to start every day
It has a purpose that God sanctions on its way.

The light is given and shared according to its will
This life is solely yours and only you can fill.

It is not easy to relinquish the addiction
But there are others who will help remove the restriction.

No one took your mind for you just gave it away
Go to God and cry and ask to keep your soul; for another day.

Life can be beautiful for yourself and hopefuly for others
Ask for the renewal of time and choices, to do for sisters and bothers

Don't be despondent and say; 'it can't be done'.
Ask God for help and be there at the setting of the sun.

11-03-05 Aho Speaks

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