VB ( / Phillipines)

Self Affliction

Drunken spell cast over me
To disguise the illusion that I am free
Imprisoned in my white wall cage
I am quietly defying this darken rage
Urgency stirs throughout the air
The sadness trying to take me to it's lair
As hope seems to fade all I can see is despair
I cannot run away from what is already there
I will sit here and think of you
I 'll will you to me with a prayer

Thoughts surround, faint memories sound,
I cannot escape what is all around
Pictures faded on the walls
Sadness is stalking me down the hall
From light to dark, the darkness subsides
I am losing a battle I know not how to fight
Wanting to be with you but here I remain
Alone and cold I unravel in the pain
I look onto tomorrow, I will let go of this sorrow
I will make this episode end tonight
Such temporary moments when I am away from you
Not easy to save myself when you are not in view
But when your on my mind, and in my heart
Such thoughts could make this break apart
Shattering the darkness, the light shines in
Sadness and sorrow starts to descend
As I drift off into the great unknown
Laying in my cage all alone
I await the day till I can fall asleep in your arms
Till you can take me away from all the pain & harm
I will close my eyes and go wait by the tree
Swing and swing till you rescue me

When I am lost and confused you make me understand
You are the rock that I lean on when I cannot stand,
You are the reason behind my smile.
You are the light that shines from inside,
It is nights like those, I treasure you so
You are the dream that I will never let go

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