Self Analysis

I write when I'm feeling elated
I write when I'm feeling sad,
My poems are all thoughts I've created
Some may be good and some bad;
Some people like to accuse me
Of living inside of my head,
Well, I've lived in places less friendly
And too many words I have said;
I may have stepped over the boundary
Of walls that I shouldn't have climbed
But when there's an issue to ponder
I just have to put it to rhyme;
I hope that my words have some impact
At least in a positive way,
As long as the people keep reading
I'll keep finding something to say!

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

Linda, I like what Debora Short said! - - - BUT, Don't you think that there could be a case made as to which 'Coast ' is first, and which is second ? Maybe it depends upon which one that you grew up on! ... so to speak! B.V.A.
I think that as long as you have something to say linda, people will keep reading - you make it such an engrossing pleasure is why. Another well written introspective piece that sheds light on you as well as causing the reader to give some thought to these important issues. xx jim
The community of head is indeed the second greatest city in which to reside, the first of course is the city of heart... from reading your writes... I'd say you are indeed a true bi-coastal fully connected to both these lovely cities head and heart ~ debora
Proud to say what you have to say! -> I like that thought...but you know even when no one's listening, you should say/write that you wish to, cause if if makes you feel good, it's the best thing to do! Preets
Inside your head is the best place to be. And I have not seen a 'bad' poem from you yet. Keep 'em coming! t x
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