Self Confidence

You are tremendous.
Your silhouette has begun to eclipse,
The entire surface of the Sun.
Others should experience,
Knocking the Moon dust off their boots.
As you more than once have done.
Your glow blinds throughout the Cosmos.
And the Universe orbits around your magnificence.

'Uh. Hmmm.
Maybe not so much.
Perhaps a little less...
Let's see.
Try adding a touch of humbleness.
Knock what you've got down just a notch.
Be more...
Internal with it.
Keep what you are feeling more internal.
Less is more you know.

When I recommended to use the mirror,
To exam and identify your faults to accept.
What was it that you saw?
When you came to me to ask for my assistance,
With improving upon your self confidence.
Can you tell me exactly,
What is it about your self confidence...
You believe others see you as being insecure.
This time...
Listen to what you are saying.
Try not to convince me.
But yourself.
Let's do this again.
Without ego.
Do it with more heart involved."

You mean with tears?

Yours would be faked.
Bring me to tears.
That's the reason why I'm here, isn't it? "

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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