Self Defeating Foolishness

No interest they have in politics.
Believing that and religion do not mix.
No interest expressed in local business.
And yet they insist...
Changes must come to exist!

No interest do they have,
With the lack of discipline shown.
And the disrespect accepted and known.
No one wishes to participate,
In doing those things that are right.
But quick they are to pass judgements.
And witness those in conflict...
As they sit and gossip as if to benefit!

No interest in progress or moving ahead.
As those who do this among them...
They do their best to keep them down instead.
And when they notice they are all of the same mind...
Knitted together by the same common thread.
They want to come together and unify!
Crying they've been left behind...
To entertain themselves,
With more nonsense to spread!
And this is done not 'some'...
But all of the time!

And they come together,
To denounce others who express,
No interest in them...
Or their self defeating foolishness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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