ES (1980/08/06 / Johannesburg South Africa)

Self Destruct

Drinking, sinking, drowned.
This is the last place on earth I'd expect to find you.
Let's flounder in flight like fish in a barrel.
Dodge bullets to disprove the norm.

Churn chunks of cheap labels.
to mesmerizing effect.
Finger teaspoons of cancer, bubbling black.
Revolting yet persistently neccesary.

Another, another, another to death.
Our bowels remain blisfully subdued.
Till they awaken, filled acid, persevering poison.
Inspired to paint liquid Picasso.

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Epsilon, this is inspired and inspiring, I love the last lines. You got self destruction, down to a fine art indeed. No crit to offer, because it is perfect. 10 from smiling Tai