ML (07 March 1987 / Cape Town)

Self Destruction

In a world that refuses to care,
Why should I care more?
In a world that refuses to hear,
Why should I hear more?
In a world that shuts itself off from all around it,
And surrounds itself in rapturous idolotary,
Why should I give a shit?
In a world that is nothing more than a satire,
A farce for our mere existences,
Why should I try to make a difference?
There are wars that can never be won,
Ideals that are beyond any justification,
Genocides that make no sense,
Why should I make an effort?
How can we ever be happy?
In a world where its ok to discriminate
As long as it suites the government.
Where are the knights of yester year?
Where have our princes gone?
I find myself alone in a world
That refuses to notice the right.
And why should I keep on living?
Why should I keep on fighting?
Because I refuse to self destruct like the rest of you.

by Mathew Lewis

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