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Self Distruction
AE (August 23,1989 / Salem Ma)

Self Distruction

Poem By Andrea Edlund

pencil to paper
waiting for any emotion
to scream out loud
laying wake
waiting for your
min to clear

quiet streets
walking alone
just then
a child walks out
tattered clothes
dirt stained cheecks
flames flicker
from near by streets
haunting showards
lurk from under tress

crowded halls
with twisted smile
an eyes full of lies

pencil to paper

lost in your mind
love fades
by the pale
moon light
fires die
and silence
become noise
babies cry
childs laughter
and teens with
their music

pencil to paper

crimson floods
of orange and red
regret stained lives
innocent cries out
noises drownd
another life taken

pencil to paper

innocence dies
fires rage
in the depths
of your heart
a childs wish
goes unknown

pencil to paper

lost in love
diseased by lust
how robotic
we've all become
lost in deseption
with no way out
once a clear perseption
now blurred
truth truns
into lies
WOW lifes becomes
a geniside

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Comments (2)

Love yer poem... I can feel the emotion coming out. (^_^)
truly expresses your feelings and your worries and wonders in life... thank you