Knowing what self-editing means,
Takes life to live and experiencing...
Actively listening.
And with it done to pay attention,
To then comprehend...
What to respect and accept,
Before one allows ignorance...
To come out of one's mouth.
Or expect remarks or an action taken,
Is suitable and appropriate for any occasion.

'I see you wear dreads.
I bet you prefer your food with curry.
I wouldn't dare let my children grow them.
I want them to be identified,
As normal and successful people instead.'

Disrespecting people,
Who take it upon themselves to undermine...
Or perceive they are in positions,
To offend anyone with thoughtless dispositions...
Regardless of the situation they find themselves in,
Ultimately discover they are known fools to avoid.
Although they may believe,
They have achieved what entertains to get a laugh.
But that laughter 'with them' is not done.

Knowing the effects of self-editing,
And the positive results one may or may not get...
Depends on who has experienced life.
And who has yet to learn that disrespecting,
Doesn't amuse those left entertained,
By anyone attempting to prove their ignorance...
Is connected to a mind often used.
Or argued to debate if their brain has blown a fuse.

Self-editing may not prevent confusion.
But knowing when to do it makes it easier to ignore,
Those unfamiliar with self-editing.
Especially the ones living to undermine and demean.
Hopefully their actions to remember,
Will have taught them 'something'.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Self-restraint, Foot-in-mouth, A little self control. Containment unmeasured Just encapsulate the harmful words. Trap them in a silent bubble. An exclamation point without the teeth. Venom sacs removed for the good of all mankind. A Good Inspirational Poem, Cheers.