Self Examination

Smothered in historic wickedness.
In regretted depths trying to forget.
Buried so deep,
To keep it left unacknowledged.
And unleashing hatred to build upon a guilt.
Devoid of sensibility.

Believing these acts will someday be erased.
Or replaced by destruction...
Inferiority felt within them creates.
And a forgiveness of emotions,
Come to them to show...
As weakness unadmitted to defend.
They must prove themselves as powerful!
By using weapons to threaten, kill, maim...
Destroy and end!

Those acts done by hardened hearts.
With a stubbornness that does not from them depart.
To eventually darken their own footsteps,
In suspicions and distrust.
Attacking their own reflections...
Which comes to visit them next!
Exterminating themselves,
Like they would insects.

Leaving them in isolation,
With mental defects!
And achieving their own blend of sins.
That stings with severe pain!
To gain an enlightenment.

Slowly slowly this light sheds upon them.
Assisted by complete economic devastation.
When a self examination...
Reveals the naked truth!
And this truth that comes to them,
Will not be denied.
Since it when seen from its origin...
Can not be hidden!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

Now this one really makes me think Lawrence...excellent write...Fi 10 +++
Hey, I can only agree Joe.
Ignorance & stupidity has a way, of getting it's way.