DH (30/06/1961 / Leeds, england)

Self Harm

Misery, depression, anger and pain,
Confusing emotions engulf me again,

I try so hard to break free,
But no matter where I go he follows me,

He’s destroying me from inside out,
He makes me question what life is about,

I cannot handle this any more
So I go to my room and shut the door,

I decide what my weapon of choice will be,
Then pull up my sleeves ‘till fresh skin I see’

The old scars remind me of my past,
And show me just how long misery can last,

As I begin to cut, relief washes over me,
Confusing emotions blind me so easily,

This is the only thing that helps me to cope,
Although it doesn’t offer me much hope,

I’ve tried so hard to stay strong,
But I think I will crack before too long,

Misery, depression, anger and pain,
Force me to self harm again and again.

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Comments (2)

that is amazing, i can relate to this and it touches me in a way i use my upper arm now but it really is amazing
hmmm, thats exactly like me. Well, except arms are to easily seen (as Ive found out) so i use my ankles. ~ this is an amazing poem, keep writing.