AS (03-06-1985 / Michigan USA)

Self Hatred

I hate myself, I want to bleed,
I cry at night, longing to be freed.

I think of death, there’s so much pain,
I’m losing myself, I’m going insane.

I cut myself, because I binged and purged,
I do it every day, whenever I get the urge.

I feel so ugly, and so fat,
Life seems pointless, from where I’m at.

I’m sick of living with all this crap, I feel like I’m suffocating, stuck in a trap.

Where no one can hear my painful screams, they don’t know about my horrible dreams.

I feel like a cow, god I need help, I know that now.

I know you probably don’t understand, but if you can please give me your hand.

And at night when I’m all alone, call me and tell me things'll be ok on the phone.

I know I don’t have much to give, but please, give me a reason to live.

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Comments (3)

that is a amazing poem and expresses a lot of thought and feelings! , this should make people think twice before judging
bravo u should live because your an awesome poet
hopefully you have already found your reason to live but if you don't let me tell have a beautiful gift of writing beautiful and powerful poetry which inspires us or me and makes us who are going through what you are going through stronger.