Self Healers

Wouldn't it be great,
If our lives were as delicious...
As that favorite frosted baked cake.
And we shared a taste with those we loved.
Careful not to waste a crumb of it.
Anywhere or at anytime.

But sooner or later realities are faced.
And many enjoy taking time away from others,
To detail each agony that takes place in their lives.
As if the only life experience to have...
Are the ones dramatized and exposed.
There are some folks who live to have those.

Some are accustomed to the attention.
While others are self healers.
And this is out of necessity!
Since they play the role of listener.
And that expectation comes with a demand,
To put their own feelings aside.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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yes listeners are not many but they do exist they do