Self Importance

Wealth to have.
Exclusive social status.
And high profile names to drop.
Can over time cause damage,
To one addicted with self importance.
Long gone from reality deluding truth.
Overwhelmed by image, paparazzi.
Fans and autograph seekers.
That the possibility,
Of being sentence to prison...
For crimes committed denying done.
Has someone like this,
Not only with severe mental issues.
But also represents,
The affects of wealth and it to have...
On folks who seem will not soon realize,
After the filming stops.
And the cameras are turned off.
Leaving the performers and their performances,
To later replace what has been staged.
A reality to live it should begin.

There are many made to believe,
Not only are they the main event.
Perceived to be above all laws to obey.
But also their way of life,
Is a documentary in the making.
And accepting any truth for what truth is,
Will eventually be edited.
With them given,
Producer, director and star credits.

Are facing prison time.
If you plead guilty,
You may receive a lighter sentence.
For the blatant crimes you've committed.
We are prepared for you to be lenient.
With our judgement to pass."

-Excuse me?
Do you know who I am? -


Deliver your lines.
As I approved them written.-

"Oh. So right you are.
Let's see.
Guilty as charged.
Ten years.
No bail."

But I,
Am a Star.
Am bombarded by screaming fans.-

"And behind bars...
Trust me.
Your fans will be awaiting your performances.
On a daily basis."

No one told me,
This would be that widely distributed.
Oh, my goodness.
I am almost...
Top billing too? -

"You will get what you deserve."

I will be known and appreciated for my talents.-

"You can say that again! "

I will be known and appreciated for my talents.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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