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Self Opinionated People

Self opinionated people I meet every day
So uncompromising in their dogmatic way
For to be innovative not in their thinking range
The people who never does instigate change

The opinions of others to them never count
They only believe their own ideas to good things will amount
Those who think they know all of any new knowledge not in need
They do feel overconfident and quite righteous indeed

Though the self opinionated never suffer self doubt
Any changes in the world they will never bring about
Above their intransigent way of thinking they cannot seem to rise
People like them only grow older never knowledgeable or wise

Of self opinionated people I know of quite a few
Though from them I never learn anything new
They never does waver from what they believe to be true
And they stick by their opinions for to give them their due.

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I have met quite a few of those Self Opinionated People throughout the years, I usually just stay away and keep my distance from them kind of sorts. Thank you for sharing Francis.