Nothing Is More Important To Me Than Myself!

Nothing seems to be so sure
As I am to myself.
No one displays so much hope
Like I have on myself.
Nothing changes in my world,
All facets, with love I behold!
Only ‘Me’ all alone,
With pride I live in my tone!
My name, my fame and my destiny
I am surrounded only by me.
The one whose always there
To care and console in despair,
The one that really understands
In trials and turbulence
By my side who stands,
Gives moral courage when in fear
The first one to wipe every tear
The one I always turn to hold on
The one who follows me when I am gone,
Me and my soul forever in love!
Most dependable next to god above.
So strongly in me I believe,
Valiantly ever I can live,
Only ‘I’ ‘myself’ and ‘me’
with what I am, I am content
And nothing else is more important.

by Seema Aarella

Comments (4)

Beautiful lines which run across certain moments and aspects of your life with ease and grace. Best wishes.
How often do I feel just this way. To have you write it down so clearly gives me hope of being able to do the same myself one day. I love it. And moreover, I am in love with other works of yours I've been privilaged to read. Thank You.
I thank Scarborough Gypsy from the bottom of my heart for telling me about you, and your poems. Linda, you are one hell-of-a-writer!
Some lovely and original imagery in this poem