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Self Praise It Is No Praise

Don't tell me of how great you are to say that not for you
For self praise it is no praise only happens to be true
Just leave it up to others for to say how great you are
Self adulation as you know doesn't ever get one far.

Muhammad Ali used to say he was the greatest but as we know all too well
It was his way of promoting his fights there were fight tickets for to sell
But 'tis said that the real Muhammad Ali is a humble man at heart
And when it came to fight promotion he was playing the braggart part.

Self praise worked well for Ali but to most others that does not apply
Self praise will never work for you as it would not work for I
When you tell others of your greatness they may listen to you brag
But amongst themselves they will say what a conceited windbag.

Self praise it is no praise what I'm saying here is not new
'Tis an old saying from long years back and as ever it rings true
Leave others to sing your praises and their toasting glasses to you raise
For when you brag about your greatness your self praise it is no praise.

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