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Self Promotion Once Frowned On

Of my life i do not have any success stories for to tell
Who would want to know of one who pens doggerel
But to meet people who sing their own praises i never walk far
So many have me believe of how marvelous they are

Though self praise is no praise it does seem this way
One must listen to thunder as the wise one does say
I listen though me they do fail to impress
In any of their stories in their every life success

Though you should leave it to others your praises to sing
Self promotion nowadays seems to be the in thing
In the age of the selfie narcissism is rife
But then suppose we all have our own ways of looking at life

In a World where for material success many do compete
Those who sing their own praises i often do meet
Narcissism it does seem is self love gone wrong
Five minutes talking to their sort for me is too long

If you wish to hear a success story you need not walk far
Just a few hundred meters to your local public bar
Where you will meet some only too willing their own praises to sing
Self promotion once frowned on is now an in thing.

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