Self Realization

Go ahead and rain on my parade,
I am not afraid and I will still remain unswayed.
I will forge on,
And make it to see the next dawn.
I’m not your average, preppy 20 year old,
I just don’t seem to fit exactly into that mold.
I’ve been happy, I’ve been sad,
I’ve been depressed, I’ve been mad.
Not mad as in the emotion but mad in the mind.
But that’s just people talking; it was me I had to find.
I was blind to the fact,
That the one I loved held me back.
This is my confession,
At one point I focused on my depression.
It was because of her but I’ll leave it all behind,
Because no longer am I blind.
I was the real one to blame,
And ever since then I haven’t been the same.
Some day I’ll break free of my own chains,
And realize the grass is greener when it rains.

by Vince Davis

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And the grass grows lush after a good rain. Very nice Vince. Patricia