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Self Righteous Stances
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Self Righteous Stances

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Caught up they are,
Into a way of life fading.
They can not accept...
All remnants of it,
Are dieing quick.

Trading luxuries,
For the basics makes them sick!

The acts of resuscitation...
Is finding some snatching patches,
To hide fast a devastation!
As feeding greed continues to flow,
Even though the signs show
A reality comes to bestow on all...
Self righteous stances maintained to awe
Will not cushion the pain
Of a superficial existence contained.

No pleas to God will keep their lusts remaining!

And many will hold onto a hope
Their moping of bruised egos,
Excuses their gluttony!
As they try to barter the old shoes of fools...
For something to cook the flesh of rotting steak!
Adorned around necks to display a connection...
To lifestyles they realize now too late was fake!
Instead of finding something to open cans of food.
A 'thing' more useful,
When the groove of pretense...
No longer keeps others held,
In jealousies received to please demented tensions.
Or kept in suspense...
Like the 'starlets' some of them
Were led to believe they should create to tease,
The hunger of the masses!
Denied the right to live unmasked!

Those days are being trashed!
And soon will be over!
The dutiful job of being a snob...
Has been diminished,
At last!
To finish a continuance,
Of a humanity intended!
A task that will mend,
And end indifferences!

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