Self Serving Acts

There are many ways,
We can choose to display... Appreciation and respect,
Shown to others.
Whether or not it is expected.

And there are those with ways,
Observed on a daily basis...
When others show,
What they've been taught...
To believe,
Deserves enforcement to teach.
Lessons yet to learn.
Popularly it is perceived,
Understanding to comprehend...
Depends upon,
How 'we' are treated.
With it understood,
Who has been granted...
This privilege.
And entitlement.
Of our self serving acts.
Retracted from the facts,
Of life and reality.

Will we begin to know love?
And its ingredients.
When will we begin to digest it
With it felt to feel,
As a necessity to share.
Without premeditated or faked,
Will what one possesses,
Dresses or lives to impress...
Stop as a determining factor,
To address and value less...
Our humanity towards each other
On the verge of going ignored.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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