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Self Staker(For Michael But Not About Him)
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Self Staker(For Michael But Not About Him)

Seeing as no one else would
I started stalking


I was beside myself
with joy


everywhere I’d go
why...there I’d be!

Always kept one step ahead of
my Self

spying on me with evil intent

ogling myself as I’d come & go
I also...went.

Fancying my Self
like mad

finally it got so

& I had to take out
a court order
on me

restraining my

saying that I
couldn’t come
a hundred yards
within myself

& when that failed
I had to have my Self

& taken into

my own

But now
having observed

my Self closely

I realised I was
nothing special

(quite ordinary

& I went
totally off
my Self

couldn’t stand
me no more!

And that’s when it dawned

I’d have to find
somebody other

than my good

to stalk &

“Well...hello...there! ”

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Comments (3)

Please tell me about your title. I am interested (even if not 'about' me) . : -) Intriguing!
Very funny poem really, but i am in a very sad mood after reading your poem Slovo Ljubavi (Word of love) few minutes ago... I feel bad. I will comment later on this one...
Laughing so hard...at that line...'Well...hello there! ! ' A hoot, this one was! !