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Self Talk

I be gettin' tired o' this pit.
Darkness is losin' its 'charm'.
Whispers of despair and hopelessness got some nerve.
Who you think y'all are talkin' to?
I been listenin' to yer lies and believin' them like they was gospel.
Just who do you think you are, sneakin' in here and kickin' folks when they're down?
Partyin' over my huddled up crumpled soul?
Dancin' on the pieces of my heart strewn on the floor....

Thought I was a 'goner' didn't ya'?
So did I.
Almost made me forget I got me some armour.
That my hands were taught to war, and that my Teacher is the best. That you are of no consequence.
That He is a Lifter of my Head, my Fortress, and my Strong Tower.
He is my Sheild, my Defender, my Protector.

So if you got somethin' to say....say it to Him.

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