Again we come to a stage
Where a decision must be made
So little time I have
For me to you pursuade

This is what I have to do
My feeling is a must
Without a doubt in the world
Protecting dreams of us

It may seem untrue to you
I assure you it is not
I beg that you trust me here
For your love is all I have got

This crossroads I am at
Is the most irregular of them all
I feel that it needs to be combed
Or forever I will fall

I ask you Anabela
Please have faith in me
It means more than you know
My goal is us to be

This message is not a request
But merely a statement of how I feel
Understand it the way I know you can
And forever we will be real

My love for you has no end
As I know yours does not for me
Let us take this for what it is
And carry on eternally

by Rusty Quinn

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