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Poem By Deborah Danso

Selfishness is an infested disease
This is my statement this what I believe
They pretend others don't exist
Spreading like an incurable cyst
But it is only them in their presence
They only care for I
And their fat pocks lined with their revenue
Are they blind to others?
Greed, greed, greed
That infested greed,
And there's many more they breed
Once upon a time

Selfishness and greed sat upon the wall with a dime
Thought and pondered about that evil crime
They asked amongst themselves, what does God hate the most?
They came up with a cunning plan against the holy ghost
They plan was to kill for their pockets to fill
Their master plan took an effect
They didn't notice yet
Seeping through their bones
Leaking in all five zones
Of their body
Thinking their plan was solid
The effects were kicking in

Then a deep sleep came upon them
The whispers shouted, condemn, condemn, condemn
The voice of the negative energy spoke
They laid still, reality gave them a poke
Fear overtook their bodies
A loud voice uttered
"Bones fractured
Your aim will be in vain
Your self-serving will amputate you
Your wealth will decompose your flesh
Until there is nothing left
Your possessions will lose value

This is your testimony, this is your truth
What would you choose
To go about your plan or get out while you can? "

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