Selfishness In Love

Poem By Shakira Nandini

"Even if you don't accept my proposal for love,

I have ownership of your memories.

This selfishness in love

is permissible for lovers."

Comments about Selfishness In Love

An excellent shot poem on reflective love memories. 'I have ownership of your memories' - indeed! Nobodyelse has ownership over the memories you fondly cherish. A beautiful line of the poem that I liked the most!
HaalaaN k tum kabool nahin kartay meri mohabbat ko lakin fir bhi hai mire paas ek khazaana teri mohabbat ki yaadoN ka ley nahin saktay tum is ko muje se rahey ga ye mere saath hamesha k liyay khudgarzi k liyay
A poignant rendition set aside for sober reflection. A witty work of art. Thanks for sharing, Shakira.
This selfishness in love is permissible for lovers." lovely poem dear Doctor Shakira.
This selfishness in love is permissible for lovers. True Shakira, you do possess the copyright of the memories you retain. Lovely experience of life shared. 10++++++ Subhas

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