Selfrighteous! Me?

Me go to church would be in vain!
There’s nothing more to see
At home I’ve so much more to gain
The church has nought for me

Of course I’m saved I testify
I witness those I meet
I know The Lord won’t let me die
Like those still on the street

But frequent church I have no need
God hears at home my prayer
I have inside Salvation’s Seed
Through which I’ll have my share

I’ve no more need to go to church
I know the truth and more!
Heaven won’t leave me in the lurch
Nor close to me life’s door

No need to tell me where to go
Nor how I ought to pray
I have more knowledge in my toe
Than most of you today

Self-righteous me Oh no my friend
It’s just you fail to see
So don’t you judge and then pretend
You’re more like Christ than me

Allow me live as I see fit
I know God’s wealth I’ve got
Now go along and do your bit
With that righteous lot

I know of God I know the law
I’ve heard of judgement day
I know it all and so much more
So just be on your way…

by Michael P. Johnson

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