Sell-By Date

You've sucked it all out,
Drained all the life away
There's just nothing left,
and I'm beginning to fade
Anything that I felt has dissapeared
So tired of always wasting my tears

As the days go by, I grow a little more dreary,
Almost every last word leaves me weary
So tired of thinking about what-ifs,
I just want an end to all of our tiffs

I know you love me and I think you mean well,
But I can't keep doing this as my heart is starting to swell
I should've stopped this sooner but it's never too late
So I'm sorry but it's long past your sell-by date

It was a great connection that we used to share
But what we used to cherish is just no there

You killed the happiness
You rained on my parade
You destroyed our love
And now I'm beginning to fade...


by Amanda Austin

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