Selling Fruit

Poem By Katherine Coolage

Fruit, fruit, we're selling fruit!

And that's what it is to them.
Painstakingly decorated,
I'm selling fruit.

They want their cherries freshly picked.
Oh, give the men a half dozen of them,
And they'll consume them in as many days.
Maybe less.

We have nice melons.
Nice, lickable, squeezable, bounceable melons.
Peaches so sweet!

We cater to all whims,
Grapes, bananas, oranges, you name it.
We even have some unripe fruit in the back,
If you know how to ask for it.

Some of our fruits are in pear stage.
Full of seeds that were left behind,
Discarded after the juicy bits were eaten.
Somebody forgot to handle their fruit with gloves.

Two fruits?
No problem!
Spiky fruit?
Go ahead!
Have a good time!
Have fun!
Someone should,
Because the fruit isn't enjoying this.

Comments about Selling Fruit

raw and sweet.this is a beautiful ink from a innocent heart.liked it.

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